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History and Documents
of Vatican II


The Second Vatican Council is the most profound event in the modern era of the Roman Catholic Church. Opened by Pope John XXIII in October 1962 and closed by Pope Paul VI in December 1965, the Council produced sixteen written documents including four major constitutions. These documents, touching virtually every aspect of the Church’s life, are a wellspring of renewal for the Church in the modern world.

Pope John Paul II says in Tertio Millennio Adveniente n.18 that the council “was a providential event whereby the Church began the more immediate preparation for the jubilee of the second millennium.” In preparation for the jubilee and for its celebration, the Holy Father says we must examine our consciences about how well we have received the Council in its fullness (TMA, n.36.)

This online course will study Vatican II according to the suggestion of Pope John Paul II that we may more fully receive “this great gift of the Spirit to the Church at the end of the second millennium.” The course is set to begin Sunday, October 8.