Icon Workshops sponsored by the Office of Liturgy Each year the Office of Liturgy offers icon workshops for both beginning and advanced students of iconography. The purpose of these workshops is to initiate the aspirant in the process of prayer and the execution of an icon in the tradition of the Russian iconographers. This ancient path of spiritual formation affords the participant the opportunity to grow in depth and appreciation for all aspects of the spiritual life, its theology and incarnational realities as conveyed through the creation of an icon. The classes are six full days and
include extensive lectures on theology and technique. The student will fully complete one icon in the course of the class. Our teachers are Masters from the Prosopon School of Iconology,

For further information, please contact Madeleine Dodge, Coordinator of Liturgy, 303-715-3156,

Iconography Workshop Update 2005

Iconography Continuous Practice Group
Meets every Monday and Wednesday afternoon John Paul II Center 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (check at the info desk for location upon arrival)

This ongoing group provides an uninstructed open-studio setting giving students the opportunity to work side by side and share information with one another in a quiet, and prayerful environment conducive to the practice of iconography. Participants need to bring their own materials and tools and be able to work independently or in an independent study relationship with one of the more experienced students. Students may attend the full four hours or less, as their schedules permit. Enrollment is open the year round and persons may attend either or both days as is convenient. This opportunity is offered free of charge.

Advanced Summer Icon Workshop at St. Walburga's Abbey Instructor Dmitri Andrejev of the Prosopon School Residential Retreat July 5-July 10 th, 2005

This six full-day workshop/retreat is designed to allow more experienced students to write icons in a deeply prayerful, monastic environment as guests of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Walburga.

Located in Virginia Dale in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado, the Abbey of St. Walburga provides the ideal setting for contemplation and icon writing. Each retreatant/ icon student will have his or her own room and the opportunity to chant the Divine Office and attend daily Mass with the sisters if they wish. The hours during which they may work on their icons will be unrestricted. The icon to be completed during this workshop will be one of the Blessed Mother and the Christ Child. Students need to be able to take the process through the beginning stages of transferring and engraving the image, bolle and gilding prior to the onset of the workshop by working independently beforehand.

Pre-requisite: the Beginner/Intermediate workshop or equivalent experience, having executed at least one icon.

Tuition, including room and board: $700
Class size is limited to 20 students
Deposit to be included with registration: $100

To obtain registration materials or for more information on all of the above contact Madeleine Dodge, Office of Liturgy, 303-715-3156 or

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Sacred Arts Resource File

In order to assist parishes and architects involved in commissions and projects in the plastic arts, the Office keeps a file of artists whose work is related to the Sacred.

For consultation, please contact Madeleine Dodge, Coordinator of Liturgy, 303-715-3156,

Artists are welcome to submit slide portfolios, statements and resumes to be included in this resource.