Week of June 13, 2007

Q&A: Archbishop Chaput reflects on religious freedom commission term

Archbishop's column

If we assume young people will behave in certain ways, they usually will
Bulletin Board

Activities and information from across Northern Colorado
Local News

Greeley residents voice immigration policy troubles at church-sponsored forum
Catholic Charities Denver finds a new home
Scholarship’s go quickly
Pakistani bishop to address topic ‘Mission and Christianity in Pakistan’, say Mass
Church festivals to offer plenty of summer fun, benefit parishes
Running for charity
Local scholar receives Insignia of the Holy Chalice of the Last Supper
House for homeless mothers and children marks second year
Picturesque Nederland church to celebrate 70th anniversary

Two anniversaries of consequence
Catholic education priceless
Breaking Open the Word

Web site calls attention to 150th anniversary of Lourdes apparition
Comprehensive immigration reform bill stalled, not dead, backers say
Bush vows veto of embryonic stem-cell bill; cloning bill defeated
Pope says Eucharist essential for Christians in often-hostile world
German man sent for treatment after jumping toward papal jeep