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February 21, 2001


Play to depict life of Catherine Doherty

Catherine De Hueck Doherty was born in Russia to an aristocratic family. During the communist revolution, she was arrested and condemned to death by starvation. As she lay dying from hunger, she promised to spend her life serving the poor if God saved her.

Almost miraculously, she managed to escape her jailers. She traveled on foot to Europe, and then took an ocean liner to Toronto, Canada, where she began a spiritual movement that continues to inspire and confound the world to this day.

A one act play on the life of Catherine Doherty will be performed Feb. 25, March 1 and March 4 in Denver by Actress Cynthia Donnelly. The 80-minute play, titled "A Woman in Love," has drawn rave reviews from religious leaders and laity alike.

"The play was a magical experience for me," says Father John Catoir, former director of "Christopher Close-up." "I was moved to tears of laughter and sorrow as I gradually began to forget that I was in a theatre. It seemed as though I was face to face with Catherine, whom I had known for 25 years."

At times joyful, at times heartbreaking, the play offers insights into the times of triumph and despair experienced by Doherty as she sought to live the Gospel without compromise.

On Feb. 25, the play will be performed at 3 p.m. at Our Lady of the Mountains in Estes Park; On March 1, at 7 p.m. in Bonfils Hall at the John Paul II Center; and on March 4 at 7 p.m. at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Denver.

For information, call Molly Archibold at 303-753-1136.


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