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February 21, 2001


New editor named for Denver Catholic Register

Roxanne King has been named the editor of the Denver Catholic Register, it was announced Feb. 20 by Greg Kail, secretary for Communications for the Archdiocese of Denver.

Peter Droege, editor of the Denver Catholic Register since 1994, will stay in Denver where he will coordinate an effort to promote understanding of Catholic issues in the public arena.

During her two-year stint as reporter for the Register, King earned a Catholic Press Association award for a story she wrote on a Catholic youth program. She most recently served as assistant editor at the Aurora Sentinel.

"I am excited and humbled to serve as editor of the Denver Catholic Register," King said. "It has been a wonderful experience to work with Peter — he is a great editor and will be sorely missed."

Droege came to the Register from the Rocky Mountain News, where he worked in the special sections department. He grew up in Central City and lived in Cheyenne, Wyo., before moving to California, where he worked as a reporter on a number of publications, including The Tidings Catholic Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

"Peter poured himself into his work in an extraordinary way, and we'll miss him here," Kail said. "The Denver Catholic Register has grown and improved under his leadership.

"But we're also blessed to have Roxanne King as the new editor. Her skills as a writer and reporter are well-known to Register readers, and she will make a superb Catholic editor."

Droege's new position was created by John and Carol Saeman, who are known throughout northern Colorado for their efforts to provide funds for schools in low-income neighborhoods, and other programs that benefit the poor.

"As I look back on the historic events I have been privileged to witness, and the many friends I have made, my departure is not without a measure of sadness," said Droege. "However, I am very excited about the opportunity God has given me to proclaim the Gospel of Life in new ways."

Droege's new job was established in recognition of the need for Catholics to make their voices heard in society, Droege said.

"The Second Vatican Council entrusted the church's lay members with the mission of working in the world and transforming it according to God's plan," said Droege. "The council taught that all people are called to holiness, and that personal conversion is the necessary foundation for transforming the church and the world," he continued.

Advances in disciplines such as biotechnology and communications will only benefit humanity if they defend and promote the sanctity of the human person, said Droege.

"These are areas where we as Catholics can make a positive contribution, and I am looking forward to exploring ways to generate discussion about these issues in the public square," he said.

James Sena, a native of Denver and veteran of the Catholic press, was the first layman to edit the Denver Catholic Register. From 1971-72, he bridged the gap between two priest-editors: Father Daniel Flaherty and Msgr. C.B. Woodrich.

Sena began a tradition of lay editorship that continued with James Fiedler, who served from 1983-1991; Charlene Scott, who served from 1991-94; and Peter Droege, 1994-2001.


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