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February 21, 2001



True social justice

In the early days after the Jan. 22, 1973, Roe vs. Wade decision, the pro-life movement was formed and convinced that all we need to do is educate the masses as to when life begins and it would be overturned.

In 28 years we have educated to the point that even the pro-abortion advocates must admit life begins at conception. We did a good job. So why have we not overturned Roe vs. Wade? It's a simple answer.

Our Catholic voters continue to vote for the pro-abortion candidates. Even our most vocal, loyal professed pro-life Catholics turn their backs on the pro-life candidate. They will tell you how they pray. Well, God has answered our prayers by providing candidates who will work towards overturning the Roe vs. Wade amendment or at least provide some compromise. We have not gained ground in 28 years. In fact, we have lost serious ground by continuing to vote for liberal legislators. Our liberal attitudes have changed our children from temples of God into sex objects, our honored institutions into dens of iniquity — all in the name of freedom and minding our own business.

Who would have thought we would allow our girls to have abortions without parental consent but not their ears pierced, or who would have thought that we would allow our babies to have their brains sucked out. It is happening today. It wasn't 28 years ago. I repeat, we have lost serious ground because of votes.

I have heard my good Catholic friends say that it is only one issue. It is the social justice issue. Respect for life is the root. I ask you what other issue is there that God calls us to embrace, certainly not the economy.

Don't be fooled. Legalization of euthanasia in the guise of compassion is knocking at our door, as is human cloning. Lack of respect for life is a gradual process that we are well entrenched in. Do you think that Hitler one day decided to kill 6,000,000 Jews? It was a gradual erosion of respect for all life through the lack of action of otherwise good people. Isn't that what is happening here? Search your souls for the answer.

I implore you to examine your conscience as to why you will vote for those who push for immoral causes when there are candidates who can resurrect the pro-life agenda.

Who will get your next vote?

Barbara Hatton


Thanks for Bonacci

Just a note here to tell you how much I — and friends — do appreciate and enjoy Mary Beth Bonacci's contributions to the Register. Haven't seen her column for a while so I am hoping you will be using her work again.

M.C. Sinsel


Benefits of homeschooling

It was interesting to read in the January 31 issue that educators were honored during Catholic Schools Week. What was missing was any mention of the growing number of Catholic Homeschooling families in our community. To borrow the quote from Betsy Boyle, Superintendent of Catholic Schools — Catholic Homeschools are growing in popularity because they offer faith formation and academic excellence in a disciplined setting.

How sad that these families are never recognized for their diligence and commitment to their children's education. Next year, I hope to see proper recognition given to our Homeschool families in the Register for Catholic Schools Week.Mariellen GoldbergerHighlands RanchBroadcast the faithI am so happy to see the advertisements for EWTN in the Register. I have purchased a DISH and am now receiving the EWTN programming on the Western Slope. The Catholic truth contained within the programs is something I look forward to hearing every day. It is a grace in my life and I am grateful to have it. Continue to make EWTN known in this diocese.Ralph RutherfordCraig


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