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February 21, 2001


The burden of the Register has been light

My dear friends.

After seven years, my time as editor of the Denver Catholic Register is drawing to a close. I have been privileged to cover many historic events, not the least of which was the dawn of the third millennium of Christianity. I have also made many friends, so my departure is not without sadness. However, I am very excited about the opportunity God has given me to proclaim the Gospel of Life in new ways.

I am taking a position created by John and Carol Saeman, a beautiful Catholic couple committed to the Church and to the needy poor. Their quiet generosity, among other things, helped establish Samaritan House. I will assist them by exploring new ways of advancing Catholic social issues in public policy. Before approaching me, they asked Archbishop Chaput for his permission. Seeing it as a good opportunity for my family and me, he willingly agreed.

There is a common joke that working for the Church is a good way to lose one's faith. I have found the opposite to be true. The more I have learned about our beautiful faith, the more I love the Church. However, I have found that there is always an element of suffering when one makes a serious effort to "take up the cross" and follow Jesus.

I am constantly amazed and inspired by the love and dedication of our archbishop, our priests, deacons and religious. I have grown to love them as I have witnessed their sacrifice and dedication in service to the local Church.

During my time at the Register, my family took on the responsibility of caring for my mother when she was completely disabled by a stroke. We found it to be a blessing in disguise, and an opportunity to meet many new friends struggling with the same challenges.

My wife and I also lost three babies to miscarriage. We named them Max, Michelle and Marta and trust that they are with God. Again, God brought others into our lives who had experienced the same loss. We count them among our greatest friends.

We also experienced many blessings. God gave us two daughters, Mary and Kateri (Lauren, our oldest, was already born); and allowed us to travel to many beautiful places, including Israel.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the love I feel for my co-workers at the Register. At one time, hundreds of people worked for the Register System of Newspapers. Today, the Register has a six-member editorial staff, and a five-member advertising team. With more than 90,000 homes receiving the Register every week, it is the largest weekly publication in Colorado.

Under the supervision of Greg Kail, secretary for Communications, the Register staff includes James Baca, the archdiocesan photographer; Rossana Goni, editor of El Pueblo; Roxanne King (the new editor); Jeff Richmond, desktop publisher; and Cynthia Kuznia, administrative assistant.

Ann Bush, director of advertising, has worked for the Register for five years, and has greatly expanded the publication's revenues. Her team includes Glenda Baker, retail sales manager; Ray Brevik, account executive; Mary Welch, account executive; and Aleks Lisser, a native of Russia who is the graphic design artist.

Many people have come and gone from the Register in my years as editor: Frank, Sadie, Pamela, David, Keith, Cheryl, Gracie, Sister Mary, Mike, Paul, Kris and others. My very dear friends Margaret Struck and Sister Rosemary Keegan are also "semi-official" staff members.

With limited resources, this team produces one of the finest Catholic newspapers in the country. They have become like my brothers and sisters, and I will miss them dearly. May God bless and keep them as they continue the work that benefits us all. Thanks for keeping the faith — with God's help — may we continue to proclaim the Gospel of Life and build a civilization of love.

— Peter Droege


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